Goodbye Summer.. Hello Fall!

I love the changing of the seasons, and autumn is one of my favorite.

I’m ready for cool mornings with hot drinks, collecting colorful leaves on my walks, and tromping through the pumpkin patch with my child.

To celebrate the first days of autumn, I wrote a poem about all the summery things we’ll be saying goodbye to, and all the fall things we’ll be welcoming.

I hope you enjoy! ~.~



Goodbye days by the pool
Hello nights by the fire
Goodbye capris
Hello sweaters
Goodbye sandals and painted toes
Hello warm fuzzy socks
Goodbye fresh fruits and vegetables
Hello steamy pots of soup
Goodbye buzzing locusts
Hello chirping crickets
Goodbye blooming flowers
Hello crunchy leaves
Goodbye dinners on the grill
Hello dinners in the crockpot
Goodbye sunsets coming through the door
Hello sunsets coming through the dining room window
Goodbye summer
Hello fall!



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